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Viviscal Reviews for Men And Women Both. Hair can be regarded as a defining characteristic for many men and women, and losing it can be frustrating and disappointing. It’s particularly true when you have worked hard to keep its health. That’s why some specialists are busy preparing some medicines to make your day and strengthen your hair.

Seeing a bald spot in your hairs or a receding hairline can remind you about you getting old. Having loss of hair problem can also result in losing your craved partner in some cases, and a lot of fake medicines are available for preventing hair loss, but we shouldn’t fall for that.

What is Viviscal?

Viviscal Professionals have created many products like Viviscal Shampoo, Elixir, Conditioner, Hair Filler Fibers and The Vitamin packets of 60 Tablets. According to their Official Website in the 1980s, “Scandinavian professor who was studying the Inuits discovered that their great hair and skin resulted in their fish- and protein-rich diet,” from which they Signed their Growth boosting formula.

There are many traditional treatments available for the loss of hair. Still, those sometimes can result in very adverse effects like increasing the hair fall rate and many other harmful effects, But there is one product that can fulfill all your needs, and that is Viviscal.

Viviscal hair loss treatment includes dietary supplementation. This drug-free regime corrects thinning of hair brought by some factors like aging, genetics, stress, over-use of styling products, and side-effects of medication. Viviscal uses a complex formula by combining some minerals, proteins, and vitamins to provide you the best possible results.

There are a lot of reviews available on youtube about viviscal. But the most of famous of those reviews is by most popular Youtuber Glady. She, in her video gave a detailed review of viviscal. From Day 1 of Viviscal use to day 60. She found a considerable difference in her hair growth, hair length, and volume all by Viviscal, made by pure natural Ingredients. She is one of the happy clients of viviscal.

“Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way,” A famous proverb Now let’s take a look at the pro’s and cons of Viviscal.



  • Easy to take, you don't have to worry about the time when you will use the medicine. You can take it in the morning and evening.

  • It's advantageous. Most people see the difference within 60 days of usage.

  • It's made of Natural Ingredients.

  • You can take it as long as you want


  • Anyone with fish or shellfish allergies should undoubtedly stay away from Viviscal.

  • Those who are sensitive or allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts, wheat or gluten should also stay away

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also avoid taking Visvical

Does Viviscal Genuinely Works?

Three clinical studies are done to illustrate the working of viviscal with more than 300 Participants. first of Studies was conducted in 1997, with over 200 Participants. More than 75% of the people were happy with the results, and their hair loss massively reduced. In 1996 another test was conducted with around 85 men and women. Again the results were perfect. More than 70% of men were happy with the results, and 90% of the women also noticed a considerable increase in hair size and a decrease in hair fall. 40 men tested in the last study where after the use of two months, all of them found 100% Viviscal Results.

How Does Viviscal Works?

Viviscal For Men Reiview

The working process of viviscal involves a very uniquely advanced formula, which is trademarked by viviscal as AminoMar marine complex. AminoMar marine complex contains shark cartilage, fish oil, silica, and mollusk powder. It also has some amount of hair size and health-boosting minerals and vitamins e.g. niacin, vitamin C, and zinc.

Main Components Of Viviscal And Their Functions:

  • Shark Cartilage & Mollusk Powder: 

Fatty acids help reduce hair loss since shark cartilage and mollusk powder are rich with fatty acids; that’s why they viviscal uses them.

  • Biotin : 

Biotin promotes our longer hairs by strengthening the hair follicles.

  • Fish Oil

Omega 3 found in fish oil provides the essential proteins and nutrients to the hair and the skin. Using fish oil is also suitable for heart patients.

  • Silica :

One of the most significant components of collagen is actually silica. Collagen is the protein that helps in the binding of our tissues. With high age people, the number of silica decreases, which causes weakening of hairs and nails. Adding silica in your diet means increasing the strength of your strands.

  • Calcium :

For beautiful and healthier looks, you must have a proper iron amount in your body. It’s the key nutrient in our hair follicles. If you are low on iron, you need to take calcium that provides you with iron absorption, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D as well.

  • Vitamin C :

Vitamins C is necessary for our body to make collagen protein. And as discussed above, collagen is very helpful in our hair strength and growth.

  • Niacin as NiacinAmide :

Niacin is used in vivisca as NiacimAmde. Niacin improves the blood circulation in our body, which directly helps blood to reach your hair.

Customer Reviews And Ratings :

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Can I just say WTF??!!! I honestly did not think this was going to work but figured it's a vitamin, if anything I'll be doing the body good. So... I decided to take a before pick just for kicks and WOW... I just took new pics today and well, there's a difference, wooohooooooo!!!
Carol Ferguson
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i like it because it works been use ing it for two years i keep mine in the freezer and it keeps the fishing taste out
This Stuff is Crazy
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This stuff is crazy!!!!! I’ve been using it almost three weeks and I can already see a difference in length . I had extensions in my hair for 8 months and lost 50% of My hair. My hair is growing crazy fast now. My hairdresser dyed my hair on a Monday, I had gray roots on friday. Hair is also coming in thicker. My hairdresser pointed out, that I have 1/4 inch little hairs coming in all over my scalp. I’m super excited to see what my hair will look like in a few months.
Over All Ratings :

Viviscal Before And After :

Here are some before and after results of some hair loss patients. All these were perfect viviscal results. 1st photo is taken before the use of Viviscal And Second After Continouly using Viviscal for 60 days. 

Viviscal For Women Reviews :

Viviscal Before And After
Viviscal Before And After

Women shown above is a viviscal patient. She had hair loss, a receding hair line and hair thinning. As you can see a clear difference after the use of viviscal for some days.

Viviscal for women
Viviscal for women

Here we reviewed a young women who was suffering with thinning of hair in the scalp. The women after the use of viviscal for some days found her hairs to be more dense and thicker than before. Also her hair shown to be healthier.

viviscal reviews dr.oz
viviscal reviews dr.oz

Above photo shows a women who had an issue with thinner hairs near her temples. It can be demonstrated from the above photo that after the use of viviscal her hair near the temples was lot dense and thick than ever before. Her viviscal results were quite amazing.

viviscal side Effects

We can observe from the upper image how perfectly viviscal worked for this women. That’s the secret for most women giving a 5 star review to viviscal. Her hair endings in the left seem to be rough and shorter but on the right it seems perfect.  

Viviscal For Men Reviews :

There is an entire collection available for men on viviscal. We have shortlisted the Most Selling and Top rated Products For Men. You can check  by Clicking Here. 

viviscal for men
viviscal for men

A young man who was suffering by hair loss in the crown region of his scalp. When used above viviscal from above provided site got the above remarkable results. This shows how active and strongly working formula of viviscal Pofessionals is.

Viviscal Reveiews By DR. OZ :

As one of the leading figures in the TV health market, Dr. Oz has spent many of the years testing the effectiveness of this litany of treatment alternatives for numerous ailments. Elisabeth Leamy, consumer advocate for Your Dr. Oz Show, went through lots of different treatment options when she began losing her hair in 2008. While lots of them left her feeling at greatest unsatisfied, she discovered that Viviscal’s Professional Strength formula helped her develop new hair and combat thinning hair. Though a little on the expensive side, Elisabeth says she experienced Viviscal Results, and Viviscal is well worth it if price is no issue.

DR. OZ has also reviewed many hair products. We will be providing detailed info about them in next few days. So please keep visiting our website to get the most uptodate info about the Dr. oz reviews of hair products and different health products. 

Benefits OF Using Viviscal :

Viviscal’s professional hair growth formula is the world’s most popular and well-working formula as you can see from the above images, how the perfect results of viviscal are we highly recommend to use viviscal.

First of All, Viviscal is easy to take. You don’t have to worry about when you will use the medication. You can take the drug in the morning and evening.

Secondly, Unlike other health or growth supplements, viviscal has no side effects. You will start getting the difference within 60 days of its first use. As viviscal’s professionals make it by natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about the chemical components that some companies use.


Where To Buy Viviscal?

Amazon is the best place from where you can buy viviscal. At the top of this page, we have provided the link of the most trusted seller of viviscal.

How Long Does It Take For Viviscal To Work? 

Mostly Viviscal starts to show results within 60 days of its first use. But in some cases, it can even take longer depending on your age and health.

Who Should Not Take Viviscal?

People with fish or shellfish allergies, those who are allergic to dairy eggs, nuts, etc. and Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take viviscal.

Viviscal Video Review :

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